Fresh produce companies are increasingly incorporating sustainable packaging in their supply chains. Packaging does more than just protect produce. It also conveys a message about a company’s sustainability goals and branding. Consumers are driving the movement toward compostable packaging, they’re



For many farmers and produce packers in the food sector, finding the right high-barrier film and compostable trays can be challenging. We at Produce Bio Pak offers a full range of fresh produce packaging solutions that complement the way farmers

Design Support

Design Support

Although many people think the aim of a product design process is to create something great and good-looking, this comprises just the tip of the iceberg. Packaging is anything but a static part of the produce supply chain, produce packaging

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Let's start a new project together, are you paying more for plastic packaging products consumers hate? Send us your sustainable packaging product idea and design concepts.

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Sustainability, It’s Consumers Lifestyle

Looking for Inspiration – today’s consumers demand packaging that creates a distinct brand experience. Good design is not good enough anymore, packaging really has to inspire people. A brand’s package is its product, and a brand is defined by the

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My Trays Were Beautiful, Thank You

Produce Bio Pak is exemplary at B2B account management and maintains a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction. At the same time, they provide a creative work atmosphere for their cross-functional team, where great ideas are grown and rewarded. I would recommend Produce Bio Pak LLC to anyone who is interested in sustainable packaging, innovation, value and results.

Ed Sloan President

Great Job, Now Customers Feel Our Products are 100 Percent Organic

Produce Bio Pak LLC, is a world-renowned expert in sustainable packaging ideation, concept development, new product engineering/development, prototyping, and bringing new ideas to life. They have a unique and enviable ability to immediately connect with client’s ideas and turn those ideas into realities. The company is especially skilled at developing molded pulp products that are economic to food packers yet offer high value.

Carla Albright V. P. Marketing

Best I’ve Ever Seen

I would like to thank Charles and the team that worked on my environmentally-friendly tray design. I came to them with a very minimal concept of what I wanted, and they took from there, made the concept into a prototype in a very short time. They had the foresight to see possible issues I could have in the future and came up with solutions that will save me a redesign in the future. Produce Bio Pak LLC is a TOP NOTCH COMPANY

Cynthia Blattner CEO

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Tell us your sustainability story for a chance to have custom samples made for you to test your market. Do you want to share your story to help move the global sustainability conversation forward? Let people know about your passion and inspirations, and give us insight into your sustainability world.

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