For many farmers and produce packers in the food sector, finding the right high-barrier film and compostable trays can be challenging. We at Produce Bio Pak offers a full range of fresh produce packaging solutions that complement the way farmers and packers do business, whether it’s meant to extend shelf life we can help.

High barrier films and compostable trays are an integral part of fresh produce packaging solutions, especially in thin compostable plastic-based products.  Farmers and produce packers’ overall success of food packaging depends on the efficacy of barrier films for longer shelf life, it’s critical to select the right type of film for your specific product.

In terms of the actual materials being used for food service packaging, a number of companies are developing packaging concepts based around bio-plastics (such as poly-lactic acid), plant starch and sugar bagasse. Some of these materials have particularly favorable properties for certain applications. For example, plant starch has the advantage of being heat resistant. Other materials include recycled paper and the compostable cellophane 

Every food product is different and so is every film therefore it’s important for new customers to consider the oxygen transfer rate (OTR), a measurement of the amount of oxygen that a film allows to pass through it. In most food packing applications, the less oxygen the better, so high barrier films are a popular choice; they have an oxygen permeability of 10cc or less.

Other important factors include film gauge, clarity, and barrier level, as well as the type of food product being packaged and whether other features — such as UV protection or odor prevention — may be required. You’ll also want to consider the necessary converting process to determine how easy it will be to cut the film and bond edges with the compostable tray.

We at Produce Bio Pak LLC help farmers and food packers choose the best sustainable films and compostable trays to meet consumer demands. For a product to be certified as compostable, it has to satisfy the requirement of being biodegradable under certain controlled conditions, and these conditions are described in governmental and non-governmental standards such as Biodegradable Product Institute, Inc.

We have helped company achieved success with compostable trays and tested the best high-barrier film for their products. We specialize in unique custom packaging solutions that is environmentally-friendly and cost effective.

We help farmers and packers in customizing these types of packaging products:

Molded pulp clamshell packaging

  • Molded pulp blister trays
  • Molded pulp trays
  • Plant based (plastic-type) bags
  • Molded pulp poultry packaging
  • Molded pulp medical device packaging
  • Molded pulp cosmetics packaging

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