Fresh produce companies are increasingly incorporating sustainable packaging in their supply chains. Packaging does more than just protect produce. It also conveys a message about a company’s sustainability goals and branding.

Consumers are driving the movement toward compostable packaging, they’re all about health and wellness, but at the same time a lot of products in grocery stores and supermarkets are packed with Styrofoam trays. A lot of fruit and vegetable packaging is unsustainable on the market. …Styrofoam is made from petroleum and must not be used packaging fresh produce because it causes a lot of waste.

We at Produce Bio Pak LLC are attacking the problem of food waste using compostable trays and long shelf life innovative films.  Our compostable trays and containers are made from renewable plant fibers from palm, corn, sugarcane, tapioca starch and bamboo.

Although they are compostable, our custom trays can withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius) and maintain standard shape during transit and storage.  

We offer affordable prices and free custom tooling for farmers and produce packers looking for compostable trays for fresh peppers, green beans, okra, strawberries, blueberries packs, mushroom packs, asparagus trays, apple trays and other designs.

Laws across the United States are currently changing, banning the use of certain plastics especially Styrofoam. Some of those plastics can be replaced by molded pulp. For instance, expanded polystyrene containers can easily be replaced by molded pulp, due to the similarity in performance of the product.

In places like San Francisco and New York City where the use of expanded polystyrene as a take-out container for food is banned, molded pulp can be the replacement. In this case however the molded pulp would have to be bleached or virgin materials used, to conform to FDA food contact regulations.

This does take away from the sustainability of the material. However, the material is not made from petroleum, it can be broken down and recycled, unlike plastics, and in some cases can be produced in a closed system. We at Produce Bio Pak LLC use only natural bamboo pulp and sugarcane pulp to mold foodservice packaging containers

While molded pulp might not be a new material, the new uses for it are innovative and continue to develop. It has been shown that it can be used as an environmentally friendly replacement for expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam), whether as shipping dunnage or as primary foodservice packaging.

 Changes in production of the  pulp material, from using heated molds to adding cassava starch or other natural additives, helps expand its uses. A material like molded pulp has endless possibilities and the innovations will continue to evolve.

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