Looking for Inspiration – today’s consumers demand packaging that creates a distinct brand experience.

Good design is not good enough anymore, packaging really has to inspire people. A brand’s package is its product, and a brand is defined by the experience that people have with its packaging.

Cost, functionality and price used to be the three-legged stool in food packaging design for farmers, food packing operators and retailers. We are coming into an age where there is a fourth leg that involves sustainability. But it is more than that; it is a type of altruism. Our children are being taught this fourth dimension in school and they share their experiences on social media, for example, and they will be the customers of the future. This fourth leg of the stool in packaging means that companies must engage in developing packaging that serves the environment more than just self-interest.

Produce Bio Pak LLC design tools today are extraordinarily helpful to brand owners packaging journey. We are excited to see them evolve. We are doing things now with tools like virtual grocery stores for virtual shopping experiments. We make prototypes in a day that used to take a month. We are able to render packaging and put it into environments that simulate retail, and of course we use design thinking in new ways like “innovation garages” to shrink development times significantly.

Our world is changing at a continually faster rate—driven by the megabits and gigabits per second that our information travels from its source to its readers. Now, grocery shoppers have the ability to share meaningful experiences just as quickly with social media. As our population is inundated with information, more and more consumers are beginning to take sustainability seriously when making purchases.

They can see the effects that non-sustainable products have on our world. This consideration is now encroaching on food packing brands while creating exciting opportunities for designers. It is now our job to make everyone understand that sustainable food packaging doesn’t have to be an oxymoronic packaging trend…it can simply become a new definition of healthy food packaging.

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