We are cautioning retailers, farmers and produce packing companies to significantly reduce the use of plastic, especially when it comes to Styrofoam.

Marketers and merchandisers in the produce packaging industry should know about how millennials shop for produce. They must develop alternative types of packaging, particularly for clamshells, a staple in the berry category.

Plastic clamshells have gained popularity in the industry because of the way they protect delicate fruits and allows shoppers to inspect the product from all angles. We at Produce Bio Pak LLC have explored alternatives and delivered on consumer expectations — visibility, quality, shelf life — at a similar price point and sometimes even cheaper and studier.

As cities throughout the country are banning plastic food packaging containers especially Styrofoam, large supermarkets, grocery stores and foodservice operators must find innovative sustainable packaging products to replace plastics. This is at the tipping point …this plastic ban thing is going to take off and retailers, farmers and packers must be ready.

We at Produce Bio Pak LLC have explored other packaging options and design environmentally-friendly packaging that focuses on consumer education.  For example, working with retailers, in certain markets it might make sense to have a sign by the berries that says, “Why this packaging?” with a quick description of why the company feels this packaging is the best way right now to meet the needs of shoppers. It could then include a link to a website where shoppers can learn more about the company’s sustainability programs.

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